What shall we say?

If God, Jehovah God, the only true God, is for us, who or what shall we fear? No one nor any circumstance. Many people now days want you to fear them, if you oppose their politics, policies, or ideology they want to harm you, tear you down and shut you up. We Christians, above all people should not fear. We should, and must, tell the truth in love. Those espousing Critical Race Theory, abortion, which is the murder of unborn babies or radical homosexuality must not be feared! The Marxist, Socialist, and Communist expect you to cower and submit, or else. They will go after you, your family and your job if needed to silence you, this must not be allowed, cancel culture is demonic and must be addressed as such. Father, help us to realize that we are not fighting against flesh and blood but spirits and lies. We ask for your help in praying against these entities. Help us to be the kind of witness you want us to be. In Jesus’s Name AMEN

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