North American Youth Congress

This didn’t make front page, or any for that matter. Other than the local St Louis news.

Last week nearly 37,000 young people took over the city of St. Louis Missouri. No, you probably didn’t hear about it in the news, but it happened.
Hundreds of teenagers and young adults from around middle Tennessee, joined others from North America and other countries in St. Louis for what is known as North American Youth Congress. Cameras weren’t at the airport or parking lots where vans, busses, and cars loaded up and headed out. There weren’t interviews about how excited they were or what their plans were while they were there. It all happened very quietly.
This event has been happening for 40 years. It is a three-day event with day classes and night services. NAYC, as they like to call it, has had to start renting out football stadiums because arenas can’t hold the crowds any longer. They were inside the St Louis Dome where the Rams used to play. These young people spent their last few days of summer vacation not at the beach but in church services. This event was so powerful that when young people would leave the services, and go to restaurants just to eat, the waiters and waitresses were coming to them telling them we don’t know what you brought in with you but we feel like we need it. With tears in their eyes, they were asking the young people about what they had and how to get it.
Workers in the stadium were lifting their hands and being filled with the Holy Ghost. To say it was life-changing is an understatement.
Then Friday they spent hours filling 1500-2000, 5-gallon buckets with supplies and toiletries for disaster relief. The city had not seen anything like what was happening over these 3 days. At the last service, when everyone was tired and worn out, they still gave. Not only in their worship, but from their wallets and purses. The leaders presented the need to help missionaries. They asked the kids if they would give. And did they ever! Nearly $1,093,000.oo was raised by these kids and youth.
While the bad dominates most of our news nowadays, I just felt you might want to see there is still hope for this generation and future world changers! #NAYC
It did make the local news in St. Louis.

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