Your Voice

I was just reading a news article about a Spanish teacher who was dismissed from his position (without any reason) other than he is now ‘woke’ to the perversion and filth being taught to the kids in his school. He was listening to their talk about what they were being taught in other classes, mostly the poison that is CRT, Critical Race Trash. We, that understand the kids in schools are being indoctrinated, must find our own voice and speak up and speak now. Attend a meeting of your local school board, find out if this Marxist poison is being taught and stop it from any further poisoning of the minds of your kids. If they refuse to give information prepare to file a freedom of information petition, if that doesn’t work find a good attorney, get others to help pay the cost and file a lawsuit until you get the information you have a right to see. Then run for school board against those that opposed your request for information, if possible, file for a recall on those you are allowed too recall. Your Choice, Your Voice. Use it now, before it is too late.

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