The Innocent

The Day, That Day, The Great Day of The Lord is closer today than yesterday. Are you ready to stand before your Savior? Or will you fall into the hands of an angry God? It is your choice. Heaven? Or hell? Always and forever separated from the Love of the Father.

God will not hold those guiltless who shed innocent blood. Abortion is the intentional shedding of innocent blood, you will one day have to stand before Him and be condemned for the shedding of the blood of a baby. Women are the most prolific serial killers, with a conservative number of 60,000,000 million babies sacrificed on the modern Alter of Baal, the abortion clinics. If you have had an abortion or you work at a killing station you must repent and ask God to forgive you before it is too late. Then join the fight to help STOP the killing! He is waiting to forgive!

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